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innovating systems thinking: methods, practice and leadership

~ gathering for peer learning and co-creation

julia bilton

an experienced health promotion and prevention practitioner with extensive experience in community health, place-based approaches to prevention and applying complex systems thinking theory to practice.  julia is passionate about using systems thinking, visual thinking, and graphic design skills, to life mental models and systems alongside her team and partners as they explore together. thinking together.

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alex van beek

a PhD student with CQUniversity’s Centre of Indigenous Health Equity Research whose passion is exploring the world through systems thinking. she’s an odd duck, who has degrees in psychology and social geography but a working background in mining processing. as a consequence she views the world through a lens of maps, processes and mental models! 

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seanna davidson

trained as an academic, but a practitioner at heart, seanna has been building capacity for systems thinking across Australia for the last 3.5 years. her approach translates concepts to practice, making systems thinking accessible and valuable on the ground, in our everyday work spaces.

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tiana flemingham

a rural prevention specialist with 20 years experience. Tiana is based at the East Gippsland Primary Care Partnership and the Global Obesity Centre. A pracademic that loves collaboration and pushing the boundaries, Tiana helps individuals and organisations navigate the world of systems thinking through leadership and learning, embedding it into everyday practice and demonstrating its effectiveness.  

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steph ashby

trained as a dietitian, but immediately connected with health promotion and systems thinking approaches early into her career with a role in the Healthy Together workforce. Since then she has worked in local government and community health, and endeavours to apply a complex systems lens to practical, on the ground health promotion work. She has worked in a variety of place based settings including sports clubs, retail outlets, workplaces, recreation centres and health services. More recently she has moved into a partnership brokerage role where she has been able to apply systems approaches on a more strategic level.

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dr. fiona mckenzine

a human geographer with a PhD on innovation and expertise in both public policy and academic research. She is the Founder and Director of Orange Compass, a consultancy dedicated to supporting change makers on their journey to transform systems and build better futures. Prior to this, Fiona was the Co-Founder and Director of Strategy for the Australian Futures Project and head of the design and implementation of a range of unique programs including ‘social innovation labs’ on early childhood development and agriculture.

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andrew brown

a research fellow at the Global Obesity Centre at Deakin University. Andrew’s research focus is applying systems thinking to complex health and social problems, particularly obesity prevention. Andrew partners with communities to build capacity to understand systems by creating maps detailing the drivers of health or social problems. These maps support groups to build a shared understanding and decide where to act. Andrew has worked on several projects across Victoria, Australia, and internationally on a diverse range of topics, such as obesity prevention and family violence prevention. 

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