community of practice 

The systems community of practice is an ongoing monthly virtual meeting open to anyone building their systems capacity.  The sessions are typically 1.5hrs in duration. There is a mix of teaching and peer learning with topics such as developmental evaluation, specific systems tools, or network building and learning from projects being applied by the community.

Next Session: Thursday July 1st 9:30am -11:00am Melbourne Time

Focus: The Systems Change Framework

In our next systems community of practice, we'll focus on the Systems Change Framework and what we're learning about applying it in practice.


"since attending the community of practice… our team has quickly grasped the practical concept of systems, and furthering our understanding to consolidate and implement an approach to systems relevant to our community. our entire health promotion team now attend the webinars as a team; such is the value and benefit we place and have gained from our involvement and participation in the systems community of practice."

~ community health service