systems methods for systems change

virtual weekly learning series


In this series of virtual learning sessions, Dr. Fiona Mckenzie, director of Orange Compass, and Dr. Seanna Davidson, director of The Systems School, have teamed up to teach a suite of systems methods aligned with each aspect of The Systems Change Framework.

In this learning series, we'll begin by introducing The Systems Change Framework. Following from that, each week we will teach how to apply at least one systems method for an aspect of the Framework. The final session will be an ‘Ask Me Anything’ focused on our systems practice.

Participants can engage in real time, or access the recordings. You will receive facilitation guides to apply the methods, and additional resources to support your learning.

Wednesdays, starting May 6th 2020, and running once a week for 9 weeks, ending July 1st.

11:00am - 12:30pm Melbourne time *recordings available for those in other time zones

Learning Platform

Sessions to be hosted on the zoom platform allowing for virtual community-based distance learning.  Materials to be hosted on BaseCamp.  We will also hold 1 'Office Hour' a week for questions as participants navigate applying the methods in their own contexts. 


WEEK 1 - Introduction to Systems Change Framework and Systemic Change

  • Introduction of The Systems Change framework

  • Explore how the aspects of the Framework work together and its non-linear nature

  • What is systemic change and how do we engage with it?

WEEK 2 - Systems Practice

  • What does it mean to practice?

  • How can we practice?

  • Self assessment of systems practice

WEEK 3 - Purposeful Engagement

  • System Mapping 1 - Actor mapping

WEEK 4 - Reflect, Learn, Adapt

  • Assumptions testing

  • Developmental Evaluation

WEEK 5 - Define Situation

  • System mapping 2 - Defining the systems purpose

WEEK 6 - Gain Clarity

  • Rich Pictures

  • Journey mapping

  • 9 whys and root causes

WEEK 7 - Find Leverage

  • System Mapping 3 - Feedback Loop

WEEK 8 - Act Strategically

  • Systems leadership

  • Theory of Change

WEEK 9 - Ask Me Anything
In this final session we will invite questions from participants about our systems practice and the application of these methods in the field.

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