introduction to

systems thinking 

virtual weekly learning series

in this webinar series we explore foundational ideas and concepts for systems thinking as well as share a few methods and case examples from practice.  in the sessions we will have a mixture of lecturing as well as peer learning and engagement. 


we encourage you to register with a team to help ground the learning and to build shared knowledge for applying systems thinking going forward.


sessions run once a week for 7 weeks, each wednesday from 3-5pm melbourne time

starts februrary 2nd 2022 - march 16th 2022

the webinar series will also include 1-2 optional readings. recordings of each session will be made available.

participants are REQUIRED to have both video and audio for the virtual sessions. we will be using the zoom platform to connect.

weekly topics:

week 1 - introduction to the concept of systems thinking

week 2 - systems practices

week 3 - systemic change 

week 4 - measuring change 

week 5 - systems change framework - part 1

week 6 - systems change framework - part 2

week 7 - systems in practice


the webinar series will also include 1-2 optional readings and activities each week.   recordings are made available

what folks have said about the course

"This series has been such a rich learning experience. Seanna so skilfully and passionately breaks down and shares about complex and difficult concepts around systems thinking and systems change. I feel much more equipped after taking part in this series. Highly recommend both for those starting out on their systems thinking journey and for those who think they already know everything about systems thinking."

"Seanna's extensive knowledge was astounding and the way she kept the whole group engaged was really great. The information was pitched just right and included enough time to interact with others, self-reflect and ask questions."