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case study: amplify NI A Relationship-Centred, Community-Led Innovation Process for Community Change

case study: shift design

overview: As part of our Relationships Project, we’re collating a series of case studies from a range of sectors and contexts that demonstrate the benefits and workings of relationship-centred design. Whilst we hope they help build a case for prioritising deep-value relationships, we recognise that – especially at this early stage – we are still learning.

Amplify NI is an initiative designed and developed by The Young Foundation, in partnership with local communities, aimed at bringing local people and organisations together to understand and design solutions to community problems across Northern Ireland. In its own words, “Amplify provides the tools and skills to engage with communities differently and more effectively, as genuine partners in change, to amplify the inspiring work and action that communities are already doing.” This “community-led innovation” process requires a relationship-centred approach. Amplify NI is funded by The National Lottery Community Fund, and has served as a blueprint for further Amplify projects across the UK.

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