• Seanna Davidson

cognitive bias

chart: samantha lee and drake baer

What is this resource? 

A chart of cognitive bias that affect decision making.

Why is this worthwhile?

In order to engage in systems thinking, we must become aware of the values, worldviews and experiences that frame our perspectives.  All of these inform – and often limit – our ability to ‘see’ the system. A system thinker engages in self-reflection as a step towards engaging and learning from the perspectives of others. A useful tool for gaining this awareness is interrogating our own biases. This chart offers a useful set of triggers to surface and consider our bias and how this informs our perspective on the system. Doing so permits us to set these biases aside and consider the system from a broader view.

Who is this useful for?

This chart is useful for anyone engaging in decision making practices, but especially so for systems thinkers.

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