• Seanna Davidson

community based systems dynamics

book: peter hovmand

What is this resource?

This is a handbook reference for conducting community based systems dynamic modelling, based on work by the Brown School Social Systems Design Lab at Washington University.

Why is this worthwhile?

There are very few resources that help people understand ‘how’ to do systems. This is one of the rare resources to do so, by providing not only a conceptual understanding but support for facilitating and hosting space where modelling can happen. Importantly, it also considers how to bring people into the room before the modelling begins - ensuring we have diverse perspectives from which to build the model is half the challenge. The book also provides details on what to do after the model is built and its continued use in the systems process.

Who is this useful for?

Systems dynamic modelling is often left to the realm of experts and modellers. This handbook provide an accessible entry point for everyone else interested in participating, enabling or leading community-based systems dynamics.

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