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dawn of systems leadership

article: peter senge, hal hamilton and john kania

What is this resource?

This article, published in the Stanford Social Innovation Review, outlines the core capabilities of a systems leader. The article is written by leading organisational change scholar Dr Peter Senge (author of The Fifth Discipline) and colleagues who have worked as practitioners in systems change for many years.  “...these leaders shift the conditions through which others - especially those who have a problem - can learn collectively to make progress against it.”

Why is this worthwhile?

Many people are first exposed to systems thinking through a set of analytical tools that are applied to a complex problem.  Yet, what many practitioners and systems scholars have come to understand is that the set of tools is only as useful as the perspective from which they are applied. Developing one’s own internal systems practice is just as important as applying a systemic tool. The authors also point out that we do not need to be in a traditional leadership role to act as a systems leader and work towards systems change

Who is this useful for?

This article is written for a general audience and is both useful and accessible to practitioners, researchers and government and policy staff. The article helps the reader to develop the mindset of a systems thinker and approach for systems work.

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