• Seanna Davidson

growing wings on the way: systems thinking for messy situations

book: rosalind armson

What is this resource?

A non-academic book written for systems practitioners from a soft-systems approach (a series of facilitated activities that take a group through a problem-solving process, generally applied to complex social issues).

Why is it worthwhile?

This book is a useful resource for those wrestling with ‘what does this look like in practice’ and wanting step-by-step outlines for group processes. It outlines processes to facilitate systems work in a group setting. Written in a highly accessible tone, the author, a systems practitioner, shares her experiences with these tools, covers the messiness of working in systems, and explores more deeply what a process of inquiry and action learning looks like.

Who is this useful for?

Practitioners who want to apply a soft-systems methodology, or those looking for examples of systems practice in real life.

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