• Seanna Davidson

scaling up impact: a guide for collective action

report: forum for the future and the shell foundation

description: Our current methods for shifting complex global problems are not effective. We need far more ambitious approaches if we are to achieve sustainability or end poverty. This guide offers practical guidance for collective action – a method by which we can drive scale of impact, through a deliberate approach to marketbased solutions. overall impact required if we’re to achieve sustainability, at the speed or scale that is needed. We need to approach complex problems from a holistic, systems perspective. Therefore the focus of the Scaling Up Impact work and of this guide is not on scaling up individual technical innovations, programmess or initiatives – it’s on driving deliberate collective action, designed to accelerate our impact in sustainability and development. This guide shares findings from the first phase of our Scaling Up Impact work, a collaboration between Forum for the Future and Shell Foundation, that has involved more than 150 organisations from around the world interested in having a greater impact on the world’s challenges. Who is this guide for? Practitioners, teams and organisations whose mission, remit or interest is in driving change across whole systems and transforming the associated markets, to scale up impact on sustainability and development challenges. This includes businesses, trusts, foundations, NGOs, collaborative initiatives and platforms, and governmental and intergovernmental agencies. Why this guide? Despite plenty of activity, combined efforts are simply not having the

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