• Seanna Davidson

systems change: big or small?

article: odin muhlenbein

What is this resource?

This short grey literature article uses several business case examples to highlight the importance of smaller, targeted changes as leverage towards larger systems change.

Why is it worthwhile?

Often, the situations we seek to change through our work can be overwhelming. Grand, aspirational visions of how the system could be radically different are often too vague to lead to purposeful action. Mühlenbein argues that by breaking a vision down into smaller goals, we can focus on developing actionable  strategies for targeted systems change.

This will be an encouraging resource for anyone who feels uncertain about the validity of their systems change work because of the scope or scale of their action. Mühlenbein reminds us that, “a systemic approach is possible no matter what level of social change you are working on.”

Who is it useful for?

This resource will be useful for those working to bring about systems change.

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