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systems grantmaking resource guide


How does it work?

Users can search the database and find appropriate tools based on the kind of systems insight they are seeking. The database includes resources such as visual mapping, narrative reporting, systems process or theories and frameworks. They are rated by time, expertise and participation requirements. You can also search the database by the types of systems questions you want to explore, including people, variables, patterns and structures or learning.

Why is this worthwhile?

Systems work is more than the application of one tool. It is a journey undertaken by a group or in a project that shifts and changes in response to what is learned at each stage. This means there is no one way to conduct a systems investigation, and different tools are useful at different stages, depending on the context. This resource describes and provides access to a full range of tools so you can choose those that are appropriate to the requirements of the group.

Who is this useful for?

Originally collated to support grant applications, this resource is useful for those directly engaged in systems change work on the ground and in communities, or scholars looking for applied frameworks for systems change.

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