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Tickets available for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples, please contact us for more information.


One of the greatest challenges of working in systems change is being able to visualize the systems complexity in a way that enables sensemaking and engagement. Tools and methods that support us to collaboratively map, find leverage, communicate change, and see the system across scale are even more rare.  In this newly developed course we will explore tools and methods to do all of this and more.  

Join Dr. Niki Wallace and Dr. Seanna Davidson for this 6 session learning series to expand your systems toolkit and build your capacity to work collaboratively across disciplines using real world systemic challenges while learning and applying new methods. 


Across the series participants will build knowledge and insights about the different scales of activity in a relevant system through interactive seminars and collaborative group processes. We’ll move through a systems change learning process by defining the system, gaining clarity, finding leverage and acting strategically.  

Session 1: Building our learning space 

  • Problem identification for collaborative working groups

  • Multi-disciplinary relationship building 

  • Integrating design, systems thinking and systemic change to see and leverage the system 

Session 2: Seeing the system

  • Explore the current state of the system across multiple domains and scales 

  • Exploring root causes across multiple contexts/domains

Session 3: Leveraging the system

  • Identifying leverage points and how might we questions

  • Considering our role and agency in the system  

  • Start a design sprint for a lo-fi prototype #1

Session 4: Possible system futures

  • Developing future possible scenarios for the system 

  • Checking unintended consequences 

  • Retrospective and design sprint for prototype #2

Session 5: Guiding behaviours and practices

  • Apply the behaviour helix to determine what to amplify 

  • Identify practices that enable the shifting system 

  • Retrospective and design sprint for prototype #3

Session 6: Systems Storytelling

  • Synthesizing your learning and communicating systemic change journeys


Learning approach
This is an active and applied course.  Participants will be experimenting with the methods and approaches taught in each session through peer collaboration while gaining insights to the theory and concepts that provide the foundation for these methods. 

The course will make an explicit effort to bridge the divide between designers and systems change practitioners, supporting participants to understand the diverse language, approaches and frameworks across these ways of working. 

Optional and informal learning circles will be encouraged between live learning sessions to help ground the course material, and participants will be provided with facilitation guides for each method will be provided to enable participants to continue to work with the methods in their own systems beyond the course.  A few optional readings will be provided to ground the theory and concepts.  

Who this course is for
Anyone working to make sense of their system and enact change. 


You might be someone who:

  • Facilitates and guides others through systems change activities 

  • Designs solutions to big messy complex problems

  • Creates and implements organizational strategy in a not-for-profit, government or private sector organization

  • Volunteers for an organization that works towards better social outcomes

  • Participants should have an understanding of key concepts and approaches from their respective fields, either in design or systems thinking and systems change, as these topics will NOT be covered in the course. 


Outputs and Outcomes

  • Direct applied experience with 5 new methods to visualize and leverage the system, 

  • Facilitation guides so you can keep practicing with the methods

  • Increased transdisciplinary collaborative capacities   

  • A prototype of your group’s approach to a problem/system 

  • Experience developing and sharing systems storytelling that can be help you communicate your problem/system/prototype

  • An opportunity to experiment in a supportive and collaborative environment

  • Connection with like minded individuals for peer learning


What this course will not do 

  • Show you the silver bullet to solve all the systems’ complexity

  • Make you a master systems change facilitator 

  • Offer introductory lessons on design, systems thinking or systems change 


Time and dates

  • 6 sessions, once a fortnight


Learning Platforms

  • Virtual sessions hosted on zoom

  • Collaboration boards on Miro 

  • Materials hosted on Canvas