We build systems thinking capacity using a multi-pronged approach. The entry point is determined in conversation with clients about where they are in their systems thinking learning journey and we build from there. 

doing work together

"start anywhere, but follow it everywhere"

john atkinson

learning workshops 

in our workshops the focus is on learning and building experiences with systems approaches and practices and we lean heavily on peer exchange.

(new) facilitation for virtual engagements

providing you support to identify appropriate tools for use, design an engagement strategy and support you to implement  in your work 

systems action learning 

systems action learning is 'systems in real-time'. in a 3 hr sessions we meet a team faced with a decision or action, and apply a systems tools to surface new insight used to guide the decision or action.


given the dynamic and emergent nature of systems, sometimes the best approach is one-on-one coaching for navigating the complexity.

systemic inquires 

deeper change builds from a longer term engagement, with a diverse group of actors, committed to shifting the system.  we create and facilitate multi-session processes for systems change.

measuring change

drawing from developmental evaluation and theory of change, we help you to see and measure change in your system.

curriculum and teaching

integrating system thinking into training and learning programs enables the development of systems capacity in a larger cohort, in a more sustained and standalone manner.