power in the system

virtual weekly learning series

in this weekly virtual learning series, we've teamed up with lina patel from revma consulting to bring you this very special offering.  we will explore and unpack issues of power within the practice of systems thinking

next session:

starting June 16th 

4 x 2hr learning session via zoom each Wednesday from 6:30 -8:30pm Melbourne time

*this time enables participation from England/Europe check timezone

  • Session 1 June 16th 2021

  • Session 2 June 23rd 2021

  • Session 3 June 30th 2021

  • Session 4 July 7th 2021


this learning activity will be valuable to you if you:

  • are planning, or actively practicing purposeful engagement of diverse perspectives

  • have an interest to better understand how different aspects of power, frame and influence your capacity for purposeful engagement of diverse perspectives

  • are open and willing to examine your own experiences with power in the system

importantly, this learning activity will require you to engage in personal reflection about your role in the system, your personal power and your experience of power in the system.  you will be guided by expert mentors in this process and should consider your capacity to engage in this nature of discussion before registering. 

what this learning series will NOT do: 

this learning activity will not be addressing or presenting on work from the fields of anti-racism, decolonising systems practice or gender equity. whilst we recognize these topics to be deeply embedded in aspects of power we feel it is prudent to acknowledge the boundaries of our own expertise and capacity and we will not be covering these important, yet out-of-scope topics. 

topics include

- how and why is power so critically important to our work in systems?  

- how can we examine power in systems thinking? 

- how can we explore power through boundary judgements?

- how is power showing up in OUR system? how can we adapt and become more power literate?


  • conceptual grounding on the topic of power in systems

  • understanding and awareness of how power shows up in applied systems work

  • expanded vocabulary to identify and discuss issues of power

  • methods and processes to articulate and make visible experiences with power

  • personal development for self in the system