established in 2019, we facilitate transformative learning experiences that build capacity in individuals, teams and collaborations for systems thinking and systems wayfinding.


we work primarily with community, not-for-profit organizations, and state departments in australia, on issues related to health and wellbeing, environment and social services.

dr seanna davidson


as a systems practitioner and process designer, seanna is fascinated by the opportunities that surround us: whether it's in creating better outcomes for the people and places we care about, or the relationships we need to reformulate to get us there.

described by those who know her as a deep listener, and as a grounded, empathetic and engaging guide, seanna is passionate about untangling complex problems through systems wayfinding. seanna works with individuals, small teams and collectives, combining her passion for reflective action learning and her deep knowledge of systems thinking. drawing from inclusive design, seanna holds care-ful spaces for people to learn about, experiment with, and grow confident in building their systems thinking practice.

trained as a geographer before being drawn into the complex world of systemic change, seanna has worked across a range of issues, including mental wellbeing, water resources, housing, persistent pain, climate change and equity. designing and delivering projects, innovation labs, systemic inquiries, and learning programs, seanna is skilled in delivering system sensemaking activities that enable her participants to create the change they are seeking.

starting her life’s journey on the shores of the great lakes in canada, seanna travelled across the world and has once again found her way back to the water, living on the unceded lands of the Wadawarrung people. when she’s not working, you might find seanna enjoying a cup of coffee in the early morning stillness, or cultivating moments of deep connection with others and the natural world.

practice lineage

her practice journey exists in deep gratitude for the knowledge that others have so generously shared over the years. 

key influences include working across boundaries and cross sector governance with pollution probe and her phd research on the lake simcoe watershed in canada. holding onto humanity and playing the long game while in big institutions from rob de loe and alison fraser.  building capacity and strategy for innovation labs from karen kun at waterlution and work with social innovation generation while at wisir. process design and creative engagement from frances westleybrenda zimmerman, and hilary van welter. systems thinking practice from rosalind armson and ray ison, theoryU led by otto scharmer and his team at the presencing institute. process work and power from julie diamond and process oriented psychology. facilitation with the art of hostingbeehive productions and chris corrigan. translating ideas and concepts into visual lanaguage with kirsten moergerlien and the work of kelvy bird

but perhaps most importantly are the communities of practice she sits in circle with now including lina patel and emma blomkamp in a practice pod, the systems sanctuary crew of euan black, sam rye, dana shed, alice howard-vyse, hamish lindop, and important collaborator and learning partner fiona mckenzie.

our values


authenticity, mutuality, cultural humility, deep listening, unlearning, insight 

cultural humility


in systems work we are never far from self-reflection, and we are asked to give deep attention to our role in the system. together these practices ask us to sit within a learning mindset, and take as a given, that there is always more work to be done. 

at the systems school we have been taking time to give  thoughtful consideration to our role, to reflect on where we can learn and grow, and how we act with greater cultural humility.  below we share the actions we will hold ourselves accountable to. but even these are just a starting point and will continue to be expanded and adapted as we learn.  


all tickets to our events and courses will be free to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people


all in person events will begin with a Welcome to Country 

  • we will be guided by the principles to practice created by emerging minds, introduced to us by dana shen 

  •  we will ask 'am i the right person for this? who's voice, perspective and knowledge should be privileged?' 

  • we will diversify our systems thinking curriculum to acknowledge and include Aboriginal cultural practices where we have been given permission to do so

  • we will place emphasis on engaging lived experience in systems processes and creating safe spaces for that to occur

  • we will continue to develop and deliver activities and courses that interrogate bias, assumptions, mental models, power and roles in the system

who we
collaborate with

we recognise and pay respect to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples, their ancestors, the elders past, present and future from the different First Nations across this country. we acknowledge the importance of connection to land, culture, spirituality, ancestry, family and community for the wellbeing of all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children and their families. (ref: