systems methods for systems change

virtual weekly learning series

in this series of virtual learning sessions, dr. fiona mckenzie, director of orange compass, and dr. seanna davidson, director of the systems school, have teamed up to teach a suite of systems methods aligned with each aspect of the systems change framework.

in this learning series, we'll begin by introducing the systems change framework. following from that, each week we will teach how to apply at least one systems method for an aspect of the framework. 

participants can engage in real time, or access the recordings. you will receive facilitation guides to apply the methods, and additional resources to support your learning.


- sessions run once a week for 8 weeks, for 2hrs.

*recordings available for those in other time zones

learning platform

sessions to be hosted on the zoom platform allowing for virtual community-based distance learning.  we will also hold 1 'office hour' a week for questions as participants navigate applying the methods in their own contexts. 

what folks have said about the course

"The Methods for Systems Change is a must for anyone who is really looking to have a deeper and more sustainable impact on the world through their professional and personal lives. Well structured, very well facilitated and highly relevant content. This course provides the practical foundations and tools for making the transformational changes needed in the world - by thinking about one's place in the world, their own agency, and providing tools we can use to make little and BIG changes!"

"The course was well-paced and accessible, and provides all that's needed to be able to embark on a systemic change process. Seanna and Fiona both brought helpful real life examples to the work, and did a stellar job with using the virtual setting to enable experiential components, and collaborative learning. Great value for money - highly recommend."

"Can the course just keep going! What a rich learning experience, and what wonderful systems practice role modelling from Seanna and Fiona."

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