gain clarity 


empowering you with systems thinking, so you can create change in your system


we create transformative learning spaces that integrate systems thinking into your work, matching the scale of your capacity, and place in your systems learning journey.


'start anywhere, but follow it everywhere.' ~ john atkinson



choose from these three approaches to gain clarity on the system you seek to change.

systems for strategic action

a deep dive into your system to surface insights and leverage points to inform your strategy.

become unstuck

bring systems thinking into an existing project to help you move through a foggy patch and find your next step. 

systems coaching  

one-on-one coaching for leaders to navigate the system and it's emergent, dynamic and complex nature.

systems for strategic action

in a time bounded effort of 8 weeks we apply systems thinking methods with your team to:

  • uncover what is driving undesirable outcomes
  • identify new system outcomes you want to work towards
  • clarify the contributions your specific organization can make to shift the system towards these outcomes
  • identify the preconditions required to achieve these outcomes 
  • integrate these outcomes with your  organization's existing efforts to identify where to amplfiy existing work, introduce new efforts or coordinate with others in the system


  • weekly facilitated workshops
  • collected documentation of systems learning journey
  • outline of your organization's systems informed strategy 
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'seanna has been able to articulate and communicate systems thinking and theories of change in a way that makes sense and complements the work we are doing. she has been an invaluable resource to assist us to understand and measure the system we are working in and move towards achieving our goals.'

~ regional health service


become unstuck

in a 3 hour deep dive your team is led through a reflection and learning process to surface new insights that enable them to take their first next step in their complex system. systems action learning (SAL) is an agile and efficient way to introduce a systems based approach to existing projects because it can be applied in a just-in-time approach. importantly SAL introduces systems perspectives into project work, without having to overhaul or redesign an entire project in order for it to ‘take a systems approach.’ the process involves:

  • reflecting on the current situation and system within the context of the project
  • applying 1-2 systems thinking methods
  • identifying new systems insights
  • adapting the project based on on the new insights


  • 3 hour deep dive
  • reflection template prior to session for team to engage with
  • summary of session and insights
  • facilitation guides of systems tools utilized
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'it’s changed the way I approach my work personally, not only in using these tools and the systems action learning processes just for this project, but i have used it in how we work across the whole community development team.'

~ local government agency


office hours with the systems school

supporting you with systems coaching 


whether leading a team, organization or collaboration through complex systems, things are often challenging, ambiguous, and ever-changing. our coaching helps you to make sense of what is happening in real-time, and support you to navigate the learning and leadership obstacles.

supporting resources might take the form of:

  • thought leadership articles
  • custom design reflection questions or activities
  • facilitation guides for you to lead your own team's learning with systems thinking


  • 1 hr virtual sessions

  • session synthesis and supporting resources

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'you’ve helped me make a lot of progress in a context full of mud and during a time of significant churn within our organization. i needed this space to talk through our work and to have the real-time sense making, thank you.'

~ national funding organization


we recognise and pay respect to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples, their ancestors, the elders past, present and future from the different First Nations across this country. we acknowledge the importance of connection to land, culture, spirituality, ancestry, family and community for the wellbeing of all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children and their families. (ref: