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join us for virtual courses and learn with peers. all programs are hosted in an online learning portal with ongoing access to resources, recordings and slides.

'the ability to think and act systemically is the greatest intellectual and practical challenge of this century.' ~ geoff mulgan


learn with us in three systems informed courses


introduction to systems thinking 

build a foundation in systems and systems thinking


systemic change for practitioners

learn key concepts, practices and methods to guide your systemic change work




in the system

a deep dive power from where you stand in the system



introduction to systems thinking

in this courses we build a foundation for your learning journey with systems and systems thinking. 

*this is a prerequisite for all of our other courses. 

*this is a shortened version of the previous course


weekly session topics:

  1. overview of the development of the academic discipline of systems thinking and systems thinking from a First Nations perspective

  2. exploring the basics of 'systems' and their key characteristics and behaviours

  3. what is it we do, when we do systems thinking? 


  • weekly 2 hr virtual sessions for 3 weeks
  • short lectures on key ideas and concepts
  • small group discussion and short reflective activities
  • readings, slides and recordings shared via learning platform

next session starting tuesday february 7th (AEDT) 2023. 

  • offered in both australia, asia, north america and europe friendly time zones
  • sliding scale pricing starting at $175.00 AUD
  • tickets available for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.  please get in touch for more details
what folks have said about the course

'this series has been such a rich learning experience. seanna so skilfully and passionately breaks down and shares about complex and difficult concepts around systems thinking.  highly recommend both for those starting out on their systems thinking journey and for those who think they already know everything about systems thinking.'

'seanna's extensive knowledge was astounding and the way she kept the whole group engaged was really great. the information was pitched just right and included enough time to interact with others, self-reflect and ask questions.'


systemic  change for practitioners

over the course of 8 weeks we explore key concepts related to systemic change, and methods aligned with the system change framework.  

weekly topics: 

  • systemic Change
  • systems Practice
  • purposeful engagement
  • reflect, learn, adapt
  • define Situation
  • gain clarity
  • find leverage
  • act strategically

  • weekly 2 hr virtual sessions for 8 weeks
  • sessions mix lectures with practice and peer engagement 
  • readings, slides, recordings shared via learning platform
  • optional readings to support your learning





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what folks have said about the course

'the methods for systems change is a must for anyone who is really looking to have a deeper and more sustainable impact on the world through their professional and personal lives. well structured, very well facilitated and highly relevant content. this course provides the practical foundations and tools for making the transformational changes needed in the world - by thinking about one's place in the world, their own agency, and providing tools we can use to make little and BIG changes!"

'the course was well-paced and accessible, and provides all that's needed to be able to embark on a systemic change process. seanna and fiona both brought helpful real life examples to the work, and did a stellar job with using the virtual setting to enable experiential components, and collaborative learning. great value for money - highly recommend.'

'can the course just keep going! what a rich learning experience, and what wonderful systems practice role modelling from seanna and fiona.'


power in the system

in this weekly virtual learning series, we've teamed up with lina patel from revma consulting to bring you this very special offering.  we will explore and unpack issues of power within the practice of systems thinking 

weekly session topics

  • how and why is power so critically important to our work in systems?
  • how can we examine power in systems thinking?
  • how can we explore power through boundary judgements?
  • how is power showing up in OUR system? how can we adapt and become more power literate?

this learning activity will be valuable to you if you:

  • are planning, or actively practicing purposeful engagement of diverse perspectives
  • have an interest to better understand how different aspects of power, frame and influence your capacity for purposeful engagement of diverse perspectives
  • are open and willing to examine your own experiences with power in the system

  • weekly 2 hr virtual sessions for 4 weeks
  • sessions are designed with a deep focus on personal reflection and peer learning 
  • readings are shared via learning platform
  • session are NOT recorded

‚Äčimportantly, this learning activity will require you to engage in personal reflection about your role in the system, your personal power and your experience of power in the system. you will be guided by expert mentors in this process and should consider your capacity to engage in this nature of discussion before registering.






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what folks have said about the course

'i really appreciated the space you both created for the group. Aunty Di's Welcome was incredible and i found the resources you sent out very helpful too. i took away some lasting key messages from the sessions. thank you both for a deep learning opportunity that i hope will continue to inform my practice.'

'love the safety of the space you held and the invitation to look at power on a personal level not just as something 'out there' to be managed.'

we recognise and pay respect to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples, their ancestors, the elders past, present and future from the different First Nations across this country. we acknowledge the importance of connection to land, culture, spirituality, ancestry, family and community for the wellbeing of all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children and their families. (ref: