moving from the abstract to application is where systems thinking comes alive, and generates the meaningful insights we need to create change.

here we share our community of practice, method guides and resources we’ve created to support your practice.

'trying and struggling looks like incompetence right up until the moment it looks like success.' ~ shane parrish


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recordings of our systems community of practice


access past recordings from our virtual sessions. 


system thinking method guides


we've created a purpose built tool to help you identify and implement a useful systems method based on your systems learning needs. 


systems thinking resources


  • systems practice poster
  • pocket guide to systems wayfinding
  • systems storytelling report
  • systems change framework


special events to support your practice


program information launch session


systems leadership program

join us for this special 1hr session to hear all about our new systems leadership program starting in march 2024.we'll outline the approach to the program, key activities and what you'll take away.


  • tuesday february 6th

    - 9:30 am melbourne/9:00 adelaide/11:30am auckland


  • monday february 5th if you are located in the america's

    - 2:30pm los angeles/5:30pm toronto


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