short course intensives

system boundaries

how to move from overwhelm to empowerment by defining the system you seek to change

system boundaries

how to move from overwhelm to empowerment

boost your confidence, and build clarity and momentum towards change in your complex system during this engaging 1 day workshop. packed with practical insights, and accessible tools to define your system, you’ll feel certainty about what is ‘inside’ and ‘outside’ of your system of interest, (*hint* it won’t be everything, all at once, everywhere :). you’ll leave the overwhelm at the door and walk away with confidence about where you are trying to affect change.


why we need to talk about system boundaries

so often when we begin systems work, we talk about big systems, like the health care system, the climate system, the gender equity system, the mental wellbeing system. the problem is, they can feel pretty big and ominous. Where do you start, what can you achieve? these are the questions folks start asking themselves.

thankfully, systems thinking offers some really robust concepts and approaches to start to unpack these systems, and set some boundaries to work within. once these starting points are established, they can provide direction for engagement activities, systems sensemaking, identifying leverage points, and adaptive action. but without these, systems change processes can get bogged down in asking the same question over and over, what is the system we are trying to change? because there is no clear sense of scope and agency to guide the change work.

the intensive will explore:

  1. why defining systems boundaries is an important starting point for systemic change work

  2. ethical considerations and implications of boundary work

  3. 6 types of boundaries we can apply to our system of interest 

  4. direction and inspiration of what to do next, now that you've defined your system of interest 


  • gain confidence, clarity and momentum to enable change in your system
  • develop a comprehensive definition of your system of interest
  • understand the ethical and power laden nature of system boundaries 
  • experience with easy to use strategies to define systems 

  • workshop deep dive into system boundaries
  • short lectures on key ideas and concepts
  • opportunity to work on your system of interest through short activities
  • readings, slides and recordings shared after the session
  • australia/new zealand and america's time friendly options
  • sliding scale pricing starting at $425.00 AUD (incl. gst)
  • tickets available for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.  please get in touch for more details
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what folks have said about the course

'seanna was a great facilitator, great experience. the opportunity to do this thinking is so valuable.

'i always learn something new each time i participate in the system school sessions.'

'a valuable learning experience. i look forward to participating in future workshops!'

we recognise and pay respect to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples, their ancestors, the elders past, present and future from the different First Nations across this country. we acknowledge the importance of connection to land, culture, spirituality, ancestry, family and community for the wellbeing of all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children and their families. (ref: